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Monday, August 7, 2017

Hyperloop One Goes Farther and Faster Achieving Historic Speeds/RNN

Coming this week in Boston is Greenfest 2017.  I will be hosting, this Friday, the transportation seminar at City Hall.  One of the issues we will address is new technology, including privatizing some mass transit systems into high speed pods.

So, this is a good story to catch up, and a good innovation to get familiar with before Friday.

World’s first autonomous pod successfully completes inaugural test run.
This is just a great time to be alive, the world has challenges and that has been the case from the dawn of time and will never change. One of our challenges has to deal with the future of efficient, clean, fast Mass Transit. One company that is embracing that challenge is Hyperloop One who’s leadership and entrepreneurial spirit is helping to find solutions and create new jobs and inspire others.

As the only company in the world that has built an operational Hyperloop system, Hyperloop One continues to make history with the successful completion of its second phase of testing. On July 29, 2017, Hyperloop One completed Phase 2, achieving historic test speeds traveling nearly the full distance of the 500-meter DevLoop track in the Nevada desert. The Hyperloop One XP-1, the company’s first-generation pod, accelerated for 300 meters and glided above the track using magnetic levitation before braking and coming to a gradual stop.

SEE MORE AT:, including a video of the pod running at high speeds.

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