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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Toyota Releases North American Environmental Report/RNN

Corporate reporting on green is important in many ways.  First, it brings transparency internally and externally.  Second, more than just a retrospective, it lays out future plans.  And, perhaps most importantly, it teaches the rest of us how to lay out extensive plans around triple-bottom line dedication to business.

Combating major environmental issues facing the global community, such as climate change, water scarcity, resource depletion and habitat loss, in a widespread, meaningful way often starts with small steps.
Guided by Toyota’s Environmental Challenge 2050, the company’s long-term environmental initiative, Toyota is making progress toward a net positive impact on the environment.
Comprised of six individual challenges that seek to make Toyota a net positive carbon contributor while enriching the lives of diverse communities, Challenge 2050, is a driving force behind many decisions. The first three challenges focus on carbon and call for completely eliminating – not just reducing – greenhouse gas emissions from all vehicles, operations and supply chain. The fourth challenge addresses water availability and quality, while the fifth and sixth challenges seek to move closer to contribute to a recycling -based society and protecting nature.
In the recently published 2017 North American Environmental Report, Toyota outlines positive impacts made across North America. In 2017, Toyota expanded its use of renewable energy with solar installations at an assembly plant in Baja California, Mexico; Toyota’s new North American headquarters campus in Plano, Texas; and a new supplier center in YorkMichigan, generating more than 590,000 kilowatt-hours of renewable electricity. Projects at four of Toyota’s North American manufacturing plants resulted in water savings last fiscal year in excess of 43.2 million gallons, equivalent to the annual water use of 394 average American families...
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