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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wonderful News on the local front

Great news in RI:  Subject: RI Senate Approves Renewable Energy Bills Package

This from Chris Kearns, Manager, Govt Relations here in the state:  "The RI Senate unanimously passed tonight the renewable energy package (net metering, interconnection standards, and distributed generation contracts legislation) that we have been working on for the last couple of months. There was no opposition to any of the bills on the Senate floor. The DG bill vote was 35-0. There are still a couple of minor procedural votes in the House, but the bottom line is that the bills have passed in both chambers.

I’ll be providing a summary of the bills passed over the next couple of days, but at the moment we should be happy that we got the following legislation passed this session:

·         Net Metering Changes
·         Distributed Generation Contracts
·         Statewide Interconnection Standards
·         Extension of the Renewable Energy Fund Program for 10 years
·         Establishing the RI Renewable Energy Board

2011 was finally the year for renewable energy development in RI!!"

We will get Chris on a show as soon as possible, maybe even the upcoming shows we will be filming on site at locations throughout the state. 

This bill, when completed,  will generate significant economic growth in this State.  There are many viable, pending projects that have been waiting for this legislative impetus.  We will closely follow the growth in revenue and jobs stimulated by this bill.

Congratulations to the State, the Governor, House and Senate and everyone who worked so diligently to near pass this bill.  You have done great work and should be proud.

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