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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

EarthSky on WARL 1320 AM

We get some great reports from EarthSky on our radio partner, WARL 1320 AM.

Here's a recent story on ocean acidification and how it will continue to deplete one of our great natural resources, one that pumps billions into the economy, ocean waters.

Here's the link:

Part of the story: "...Dr. Kleypas told us that excess CO2 from the atmosphere makes the oceans more acid – and reduces the amount of carbonate available for some ocean creatures to form their shells. She said:

When we think about a lot of marine organisms – things like corals, clams, oysters, things like hard shells, those shells are made of calcium carbonate. If you reduce the amount of carbonate in the ocean, you reduce the ability of the organisms to secrete their shells.

We often refer to it as being similar to osteoporosis. There are just fewer of the building blocks to build those shells..."

Another telling reminder that we need to balance industrial and commercial growth with preserving resources that are the true, irreplaceable assets of our economic platform. Excess pollution and waste erode, at a serious rate, our ecological foundation.

We will report more on this later.

In the meantime, take at a look at the EarthSky site for more great reading.

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