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Friday, January 6, 2012

Environmental update on RI College

As you have seen, our next show is with the president of RI College (RIC), Nancy Carriuolo. It is a great show, and she is a terrific guest.

As a preview, we want to share with you some of the school's green success stories:

"The recycling program at RIC started in 2003 and has experienced continued growth especially the past few years under the Carriuolo administration. Since 2003 there has been a steady increase in the savings from our trash disposal expenses, approximately $40,000 average at the beginning to $60,000 today with this year due to get even more return with the President’s support of equipping each main building with a recycling collection center to enhance collection. These will be further enhanced when anticipated resources become available during the next FY.

Additionally, we are saving disposal fees again by providing local non profits with our e-waste, this savings just started recently but should be significant while helping local organizations.

This administration has made a major effort as it relates to saving valuable resources, energy and water, with a commitment to the repair and replacement of the college’s antiquated steam and condensate system. Projected savings could be as high as $500,000 when all the repairs are complete and the system is working at an increased efficiency.

Additionally, the college, under the President’s direction continues to use all sustainable materials as it relates to plantings, etc. which save on annual labor and the cost of plants, and shrubs."

And more: "It is almost inconceivable, but we have saved 12,000 pages of photocopies per month by putting our curriculum committee materials online. The committee operates over the academic year of nine months, so we’re talking about 100,000 pages of paper being saved per year by launching a single webpage (

And, finally: "In keeping with the goals of your initiative, I would like to highlight some of the changes implemented by IT:
1. the use of power monitoring and control in computer labs and classrooms (as you mention on RIC's sustainability web site). I anticipate that with the completion of the Windows 7 campus rollout, USS will have extended this cost savings to all campus computers.
2. print conversation in the computer labs ( USS actively encourages students and faculty to use PDFs and other electronic document formats as alternative to printing hard copies.
3. energy-efficient purchases - USS has purchased computers and monitors which meet the EPEAT gold standard
4. recycling - older less energy efficient equipment has been recycled to schools and non-profits which require less computing power. Recycling keeps computing equipment out of the State landfill.
5. RIC operates an energy-efficient data center which has implemented changes resulting in a significant reduction in power usage. Henk Sonder can provide details on these efficiencies.

One initiative that I was not able to introduce, but hope to see at RIC in the near future, is the replacement of disposal whiteboard markers with AusPen refillable markers I'm sure that this weekend broadcasts will spark many such suggestions."

Pretty impressive stuff. Now, let's hear from the other schools. We'll tell your success story as well.

Watch this weekend as Nancy recalls growing up on a farm, and how those simple, humble beginnings not only helped share her passion for sustainability, but an entire campus as well.

We will have a weekend edition of the blog for you as well.

Enjoy and thanks for being part of the Renewable Now family.

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