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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thanks to Seth Handy

For sending us a phenomenal article from Renewable Energy   We absolutely love seeing this story and transformation of a major utility.  We've been reporting on the potential of moving away--across the world--from centralized power plants, using new technology and options such as micro grids  and here steps up a true leader, Germany's RWE, boldly leaping into the new frontier.

If you work, manage or report on grids and their operations, get in touch so we can continue to push on this front.

What makes this story particularly interesting is to look at the economic impact of renewables on utility co's, which really forces them to think about a new business model.

In the meantime enjoy a great article and be warmed by a potential giant leap forward in energy production:

Major European Utility Set for Dramatic Renewable Energy Transformation

 One of Europe's largest utilities is on the cusp of reportedly transforming its business from being a centralized energy provider into a decentralized energy provider.

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