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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturer Hiring at Whirlwind Rate - See more at:

Today, as we noted, we covered a great conference--promoting geothermal heating and cooling--at Clarke University in MA.  While there, we published this very positive story on jobs created in a different sector of clean energy--wind.

Also, please log onto to our main site in the next day or two to hear Part 1 of David Orr's fantastic talk to the overflowing crowd that assembled recently in Newport, RI for a renowned sustainable educational conference.   Here's the link:


The economies of Grand Forks, N.D., and Little Rock, Ark. are being swept up in a green bonanza.

LM Wind Power, a global manufacturer of blades for wind turbines, says it doubled its U.S. workforce to 700 in August - up from 350 in April. And it says the boom will continue: It expects to employ some 1,200 people in the U.S. next year - most of them based at its factories in North Dakota and Arkansas.

In a press release, the company credited the extension late last year of the Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit with the growth of its workforce:

    "We are pleased to see that the market is improving again following a period of low activity due to uncertainty around the PTC," said LM Wind Power's Head of US Operations, Bill Burga Jr. "With the political framework in place, our customers are winning more business again and we are ready to serve their demand for highly efficient quality blades for the US market, adding hundreds of extra jobs. Now it is crucial that the politicians remain committed to securing a stable economic framework to enable continued industry growth and increased US employment."

By some estimates, the wind energy sector now employs about 80,000 Americans. And the decision by LM Wind Power to boost its American operations (it has factories in 14 locations all over the world) follows an encouraging trend that we told you about in August — as wind energy expands in the U.S., more of the production associated with that expansion is occurring right here in America.
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