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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

For Tomorrow's show: SunEdison Partners With Rosedale Union School District To Deliver 1.8 MW Of Solar

SunEdison partnered with Rosedale Union School District (RUSD) in Bakersfield, Calif. to install, monitor and manage 1.8 MW of solar at the district's nine schools. Solar shade canopies will be constructed in parking lots at the district's schools, taking advantage of underutilized space to produce solar energy and provide needed shade for parking. Project completion is scheduled by the end of the year. SunEdison will install, monitor and maintain the solar system at no additional expense to the district.

AND: Prairie Fire and their amazing technology.  More below:

Strategically aligned with the coming Smart Grid, Prairie Fire's business model is built upon a New Energy Reality, the approaching future where energy is increasingly Distributed, Clean, Green and Renewable...

With a fleet of mobile energy production units, Prairie Fire can quickly deliver from .5 to 3 MWe of energy where needed. The systems run on a wide variety of fuels and can flow power directly to the customer, into the customer's meter for net metering, or go directly into the grid from almost anywhere.

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