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Friday, September 26, 2014

"Apple's Investment in Renewable Energy, Is It Justified?"

This radio show posted this week and has garnered lots of attention.   Please go to our main site to enjoy a great show and send us your comments:

Apple's Investment in Renewable Energy, 
Is It Justified?"

We love, as we know you do, democracy.  We love the right to disagree.  That is why we welcomed Justin Danhof and the National Center for Public Policy Research to this very different segment. 

Justin and his group garnered significant attention, including ours on a front page story and blog, when he challenged Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, on the merits of their extraordinary investments in clean energy.  Justin and his group demanded the data to support and demonstrate a reasonable ROI for shareholders.  Nothing wrong with that, in our view. 

How did Mr. Cook handle the exchange?  Has he provided the data? What other companies feel the sting and scrutiny of Mr. Danhof and his conservative group? 

Listen as our skilled co-host, Jack Greg, and I get deep into the role of CEO in guiding a company towards sustainability and whether that CEO can show shareholders the merits of that conviction

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