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Saturday, September 13, 2014

What's your question?/Climate Reality Project

From our friends at Climate Reality Project.  We hope you can help.

It's not my job to change minds.
Growing up as a journalist and being in the news business for 31 years, it's my job to simply talk about the facts as they are presented. When scientists present facts, we report them. When disasters happen, we deal in stories about the people who are affected, and the statistics, and follow them all the way through recovery.
My goal is to help people understand their environment so they can stay safe no matter what happens. If you move to the tornado belt, you need to know the risks. If you live in California, you need to know about the drought and its potential dangers. I try to help people understand these things so they can take necessary steps to protect themselves from weather-related disasters.
The Climate Reality Project's work goes hand-in-hand with mine -- which is whyI'm so excited to be a part of 24 Hours of Reality again this year. And I'm hoping you'll join as part of this event too!
From now until the live broadcast begins on September 16, we're collecting questions from climate aware citizens like you -- and there's a chance your question will be discussed on air. Submit your question using this form, or by using #ClimateQuestion on Twitter.
Wondering which countries are the biggest polluters and what it's going to take for them to make a change? What types of renewable energy sources are most popular and why? What is the most important action you can take to make a difference? Ask away and you could have your question answered on September 16-17 on air.
In my time as a weather and environmental journalist, I've seen firsthand the changes that are taking place as our planet warms. But along with former Vice President Al Gore, The Climate Reality Project, and so many other leaders in the climate movement, I'm seeing real progress as the world comes together to solve this challenge and I'm looking forward to talking about why we're hopeful for the future of our planet.
Thanks for your commitment to climate action,

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