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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

For today's show: Kranowitz

Busy day in our Providence studios as we welcome Jeremy Kranowitz, Ex-Dir of Sustainable America and our Boston-based co-host, Jack Gregg in for a great show on what it takes to build an organization that implements a strategic plan to raise consumer awareness around food sustainable food, fuel issues, and to support entrepreneurs working on start ups and technology to make our nation more efficient, resilient and sustainable.  What an awesome mission that is.  We can't wait.

Tune into WRNP 1320 on line to listen between 1-2p, EST, today, and then look for the show in our broadcast section of our main site,


Our future is a Sustainable America.


Food is fuel. The consumption of food and fossil fuels are inextricably linked. Their production is nearing capacity, and shortages in both are a very real near term possibility. Without a concerted effort at all levels to separate the two—and to develop solutions to agricultural and energy shortcomings—we will be faced with a global crisis.


As daunting as the outlook is, there is hope on the horizon. Sustainable America’s goal is to bring together like-minded groups to foster awareness through open dialog and educational outreach, and act as a catalyst for the development and funding of innovative, entrepreneurial solutions to the impending food/fuel crisis.
Thinking and working together we can cultivate the change that fuels our future as a Sustainable America.



Jeremy Kranowitz is Executive Director of Sustainable America, implementing its strategic plan to raise consumer awareness around sustainable food and fuel issues, and to support entrepreneurs working on these issues to make our nation more efficient, resilient and sustainable. Prior to Sustainable America, Jeremy worked for a decade at The Keystone Center on the nation’s toughest energy and environmental issues as a mediator, facilitator, and educator. Jeremy worked for the Izaak Walton League on a clean air campaign on behalf of hunters and fishers, and helped launch Forest Trends, an international sustainable forestry non-profit. He also worked for five years at McKinsey & Co in its environment practice, working with Fortune 500 companies. He has an MS in Environmental Science and BA in Social Sciences from Johns Hopkins University, and an MPA in Environmental Policy from New York University.

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