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Friday, November 14, 2014

Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway share their eco tips

Truly Eco Friendly Awards

jessica chastain and anne hathaway                                             

The ‘Interstellar’ cast is one eco-conscious bunch.

In a recent press conference to promote the new movie, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain were asked what they do to protect the environment and both stars had good tips to share.

”I time my showers,” said the 31-year-old Hathaway. “I try not to over-consume things. I used to be a vegan but now that I’m not, I try to make sure of the source so I know where things come from that I’m supporting, especially small businesses that have practices that I believe in. I’m just trying to be switched on and like everybody, do the best I can.’’

Hathaway announced she was no longer a vegan last August after years of dedication to a plant based diet. The actress even veganized the set of ‘Les Miserables’ and her own wedding.

As for Chastain, she is still dedicated to staying vegan for herself and the planet. While she realizes she can’t turn everyone into a vegan, just like she did with her mom, she’s willing to settle with everyone doing the best they can.

”I’m vegan and I don’t think that everyone should be vegan,” she explained. ’’But I do believe in things like meatless Mondays. I think that if everyone in the world gave up meat for one day, it’d make a huge difference in terms of the carbon footprint.’

Sir Paul McCartney would definitely agree with that.

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