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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Energy Efficiency and Renewables Are Lowest Risk/Cost Investments for Utilities

This report is filled with good news as it relates to our mandate of bringing you the business side of green and helping to push our world from a fossil-fuel based economy to a clean-energy economy.

We too, here on the upper East Coast, have seen investments in renewables get very competitive and provide true fixed utility costs.  The ROI fluctuates, as you know, with the changing winds of electricity costs (right now skyrocketing here), but has been running, at a min, in double digits.

We need to manage, meaning, minimize, our future energy demands while filling those with zero-emission sources.  This is such an exciting time.  Yesterday we did a fabulous interview (we will post on this later today) with Paul Jaffe from Naval Research Lab and learned about possible solar applications, using new satellite technology that will allow us to capture light in space and send it to Earth as solar energy, which will blow you away.

The market is naturally leaning towards green.  Much of our robust growth in revenue and jobs is spinning out of the booming green economy.  We love it.  Keep it coming.
Sheryl Carter, NRDC 
December 02, 2014
A new report by utility and finance experts contains positive news for the environment, our air and our (and our utilities’) pocketbooks — the economics of electric power resources have made zero-emissions energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies the most financially attractive options to meet the nation’s future energy demands.

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