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Monday, December 8, 2014


We will have more on this for you on a future show.

Maybe Washington and Beijing Should Look To Oregon...

Much like Massachusetts' healthcare program was used as one of the models for the Affordable Care Act, perhaps Oregon's Clean Fuels Program should be used as a model by Washington in its efforts to clean up the environment and combat rising carbon emissions.

The Oregon Clean Fuel Program was approved in 2009 by Oregon Legislature, and its aim is to reduce Oregon’s greenhouse gas pollution by lowering the carbon content of transportation fuel used in the state.

The Clean Fuels Program also "seeks to create economic development opportunities in Oregon, increase the state’s energy security and reduce air pollution for healthy communities."

The idea is to lessen Oregon's dependence on Big Oil and level the playing field for local suppliers of clean fuels. The program aims to do so by way of gradually incorporating clean fuels like electricity, biodiesel, natural gas and propane into the transportation systems of the city.

The program offers not only a way to a cleaner environmental future but a brighter economic future by supporting the local economy and creating new jobs.

This is truly a win win situation. And it's a program with well defined goals, that lays out exactly how they aim to achieve said goals -- unlike Obama and Xi's wishy-washy pledge of convenience.

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