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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Watch and listen tonight

To our special live coverage of the discussion around energy deregulation and how it impacts consumers:

Show Description:

The cost of electricity continues to grow with some areas in the United States seeing an increase of over 11% in just one year.

Electricity, is of course, a part of the background ‘stuff’ of daily life for homes and businesses. As an operating expense, it is one that is borne by us all, big and small.
But do we know or understand how rates are determined and what, if any, control we or anyone has in limiting rate increases? Entering into the energy arena  are 3rd party suppliers of electricity. Who are they, how do they operate and are they good for the consumer?

In this very special live broadcast we will discuss the following:

  • How the electricity utility is regulated (past & present)
  • Why electric cost have grown
  • Energy deregulation in Rhode Island, PROS & CONS
  • What, and Who, are 3rd Party Electrical Companies?
  • What the consumer needs to know when shopping for a supplier
  • The future role of National Grid
  • The customers rights in a deregulated market
  • Ways both families, and businesses can save on electrical costs

Special Panel Guests:

Paul Roberti, RI Public Utilities Commissioner
Paul Roberti was appointed to the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission for a six-year term expiring March 1, 2015.  Previously, he served 17 years in the Rhode Island Attorney General's Office, most recently as Assistant Attorney General and Chief of the Regulatory Unit.

Commissioner Roberti currently serves as Chairman of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners’ (NARUC) Subcommittee on Pipeline Safety.  He is a member of the Board of Directors of NARUC and the National Regulatory Research Institute.  
Elizabeth Arangio, National Grid
Elizabeth Arangio is Director of Gas Supply Planning for National Grid. Her area of expertise has to do with the procurement of natural gas, gas availability, pipeline constraints driving up the price of electricity and the future of gas supply in New England.
Larry Chretien, Executive Director PPL
Larry Chretien is the executive director of People’s Power & Light, a nonprofit organization based in Providence with a mission of making energy more affordable and environmentally sustainable.  PP&L operates buyers groups for renewable energy and discount heating oil and it promotes energy efficiency to its members and the general public.  It works directly with consumers and advocates for pro-consumer, pro-environment public policies.
Steve Holland, CEO of Rhody Energy Savings
Steven Holland is the President & CEO of Rhody Energy Savings a trusted advisor, with a strong fundamental understanding of deregulation and the renewable energy markets.  Committed to fully educating our clients, market research and multiple top tier supplier relationships provides RES clients access to extreme market depth and understanding.
Michael Fallquist, CEO of Viridian
Michael Fallquist  started with one boldly simple idea—affordable, higher quality, green energy for everyone—and seasoning it with his characteristic commitment to social responsibility and individual empowerment,. Today that brainchild, Viridian, is a vibrantly healthy, flourishing company that stands at the forefront of the sustainability movement.

Prior to founding Viridian, Michael was CEO of Commerce Energy, a publicly-listed natural gas and electricity retailer, where he was deeply involved in the day-to-day activities of a national energy company,.
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