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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Arpin Group Recognized For Their Innovation

We are very proud of this award.  Most of our R & D goes into efficiency, clean energy and designing state-of-the art, paperless systems for our global customers.  Our commitment is to be, for the next century and beyond, the greenest moving company in the world.  We believe that, along with other investments in great customer service, allows us to deliver the best value in the world--the best combination of service and price in moving.

Go to Renewable, our main network site, to view our acceptance and learn more about many companies in transformation, like ours, committed to helping build a cleaner, brighter future for all generations.  

On Thursday, Sept. 17, Arpin Group was awarded PBN's Fastest Growing Innovative Companies for 2015 for energy and environmental pursuits.

Over the years, Arpin Group has transformed itself into becoming the world's greenest moving company by initiating numerous programs, such as  ZERO waste service, which was achieved by 2006. Every element such as cardboard, paper, etc., was recycled and did not go into the Central Landfill, resulting in year over year average savings of 1,200 trees,  485,000 gallons of water, 40,000 lbs of air pollutants, and 215 yards of landfill space. What was an added bonus was the reverse logistic cycle that allowed Arpin Group to sell the materials back to the manufacturer at a cost of 60 - 80% less than the cost of utilizing virgin materials.

In 2007, Arpin Group began hosting e-waste collection events across the state that have netted 92,000lbs of e-waste, which otherwise would have went to the Central Landfill. During these collections voluntary donations were collected that total $8,000 that were give to Narragansett Save The Bay, the R.I. Audubon Society, and The Arctic Mission, all non-profits.

n 2010,  Arpin Group, along with Cardi's furniture, took an aggressive leadership role by installing the state's very first Electric Car Charging station and showing the future possibility of electric vehicles for everyone.

When word of the award was received, Peter Arpin said, "Arpin Group is committed to positive change and transformation. We are 115 years old but do not want to be the same company for the next 115 years.  Our investments in R & D, focused on building an efficient, streamlined, sustainable global moving company for the benefit of our customers, have completely changed and improved our operations. We are honored to be recognized for our efforts."

To see Arpin Groups complete list of Green Initiatives you can CLICK HERE. 
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