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Saturday, September 12, 2015

United Planet Faith & Science Initiative

It will be our pleasure to soon introduce  you to their founder, Stuart Scott.  His interview with us will hit our flagship stations this month, and the show will then re-premier in Oct/Nov on our main network site, Renewable Now. biz.

Stuart is a "climate warrior"...what is that?   What does that mean?  In essence it means, according to Stuart and other warriors, we need to take dramatic, immediate steps to get our world back in balance.  And, if not, we will face serous consequences.  Our lives will physically, emotionally and spiritually will change forever.

Stuart left us with lots of resources for getting educated as climate/ecological strategist (which we take very seriously as well, particularly around our prism of the business side of green).  The human spirit of all mankind needs to transform to environmental strategist.  7 billion people will need to help balance our economy with the health of our environment.  Are you ready to help?

Here's some resources Stuart recommended:

1.  His site, United Planet Fatih & Science Initiative
2.  Climate Matters.TV
4. The Story of Stuff
5. Membership in Citizens Climate Lobby
6. Work and writings by Dr. Herman Daly and Dr. James Hanson

We love the intersection of faith and science.  For too long they were polarized.  No more.  God, the Universe, incredible spirituality is living side by side with science as we look to transform our world into one not built on over consumption and destruction of our natural resources, but, as advised by Pope Francis, finds true quality of life and satisfaction in the hearts of those giving more than taking.

Let's stand together.

United Planet Faith & Science Initiative

Our Mission 

Our mission is to convene widely accessible Internet meetings of internationally renowned scientists and faith leaders to convey UPFSI logo globe v2ca united and urgent call-to-action for the global community’s diverse populations and political leaders in order to address imminent environmental challenges.

Our Vision

By uniting leading members of the faith and science communities with readily-accessible videoconferencing technology, our vision is to help stimulate a collective shift in the consciousness of humanity towards sustainability, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and the protection of Earth’s ecology.
In the words of E.O. Wilson in his book The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth, “Religion and science are the two most powerful forces in the world today… If religion and science could be united on the common ground of biological conservation, the problem would soon be solved.”  A coalition of faith and science can help achieve a goal that has eluded the world’s governments, to help society recognize and solve our ecological problems through awareness, education, and collaborative action.

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