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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Toyota Unveils the Next Generation Prius

The Prius is an amazing success story.  We hope for the same for all hybrids and EV's.

Toyota Unveils the Next Generation Prius

by Brianne Hogan

Toyota revealed its fourth-generation Prius this week in Las Vegas with the hopes of regaining its hybrid’s reputation.

Not too long ago, owning a Prius meant something. It meant that you cared about the environment and it was a public sign of your eco-conscious philosophy. Nowadays you can show your love for the environment in other flashier ways, like owning a Tesla. This is probably why Toyota brought back the Prius with avengeance.

The latest edition is the first new model in six years, the longest amount of time the car company has gone in between designs. The new Prius gets about 55 miles to the gallon (a 10% increase over the outgoing model), has a lower center of gravity for better handling and is edgier looking, with lots of sharp angles and a sporty feel to it.

It’s obvious that Toyota wants back into the “green car” game. Once the poster child of the green car movement when it introduced the Prius stateside in 2000 — it sold 1.9 million units in the U.S. alone — the car company is no longer the only hybrid with name recognition out there. Also, gasoline-powered cars are becoming more fuel efficient and, thanks to falling gas prices,  consumers are more encouraged to buy SUVs and crossover vehicles.

But Toyota is hopeful that with its sleeker image and by adding passenger and cargo space, eco-conscious consumers will come back with open arms. Time will tell. The new Prius is due to in showrooms early next year.

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