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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Xeros Story Our innovative history/For Today's Show

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The story of Xeros’ unique polymer bead-based cleaning process begins, appropriately enough, in the halls of the University of Leeds’ world-renowned School of Textiles. This facility, which naturally has a long history of working closely with the textiles industry, is constantly engaged in research to improve different aspects of textile production.

A spark of genius

Xeros researchDuring research into improving the way in which dye is applied to different fabrics using polymers, the university, asked a question: if we can anchor dye onto fabric, can the process be reversed to remove unwanted stains from fabric? This question launched a new journey of research and development, one that focused on finding out which polymers would be the most suitable for use in removing stains from fabrics.
Xeros polymer laundry beadsAfter exhaustive research, the University of Leeds School of Textiles noted that nylon was an ideal substance for this use because it becomes highly absorbent in humid conditions and is incredibly resilient. To harness this discovery, the Xeros company was founded in 2006 with a mission to revolutionise the laundry industry with the power of polymer bead cleaning.

Forging alliances to build a better future

Xeros industrial laundry machinesFrom our laboratories near Sheffield, South Yorkshire in the UK, the Xeros team, led by CEO Mark Nichols, is constantly refining every aspect of our bead-cleaning system, from the absorbency of the beads to the efficiency of the machine. As a part of Xeros’ commitment to perfecting our beads, we have entered into a partnership with BASF, the world’s largest chemical company, to investigate more alternative bead chemistries to work with our proprietary bead-cleaning machinesand custom-tailored detergents. 
In trials, Xeros’ bead cleaning system has proven to be both highly-effective and resource efficient. Dry cleaning businesses such as Crest Cleaners and Jeeves of Belgravia have noted a significant reduction in water use (90% less water in Crest’s case), while producing superior cleaning results.

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