Thursday, March 31, 2011

Daily Green News

Here's a great site for daily reading on green:

Each day, I will post similar links and sites.  I would love to hear back from you on stories you read and liked.

Here's a headline from one of today's articles: 

"Orbitz Launches Green Microsite, Corporate Citizenship Initiative."

Also, note the percentage of paper recycled for reuse hit 63.4%...fantastic.  Nice job helping out.

At Arpin, our corporate policy is to buy paper made from the highest possible percentage of recycled paper, and we changed our promotional items over the years to offer and sell items on our on line store that are earth friendly from cradle to grave.  Costs more but our clients love it.

Do you have a purchasing policy that is earth friendly?

Renewable Now

Welcome to my new blog that will talk about, like my new show, Renewable Now, "the business side of green."  Our first 4 shows are shot and getting post-edited.  The shows, and our guests are fantastic, spanning a range of topics from garnering renewable energy grants from State Economic Development Councils, transforming trucks into bio-fuel, clean burning fleets with the help of Clean Cities/EPA, to constructing smart buildings with the help of the Green Building Council and electrifying America and trading in our gas-guzzling cars for  EV's (electric vehicles, such as the Volt and Leaf). 

Renewable Now will entertain, educate and teach our global audience, of consumers and businesses, how to leap, head first, into the green economy.  Their investment in green will, as we will demonstrate, bring fantastic returns to them and, maybe more importantly, the earth we share.

The next four shows will profile companies, large and small, that have made investments in buildings, fleets and renewable energy, and are reaping the economic benefits.

Within 12 months, the show will go live and will broadcast on location as we host a worldwide conference of environmental experts who will interact, that day, with our global audience.  Hopefully, you will be part of the event.

My blog will also touch on the top stories of the day on the world's effort to rid itself of excess waste and noxious emissions choking our air.  Please send me material and suggestions for posting.

I look forward to your comments and hope you become a loyal viewer of the new show.