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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Carbon Day

We are heading to Boston today for this event at Copley Square.  Please join us if you can.

We are shooting interviews with many of the organizers and exhibitors who will be showing products and ideas for reducing carbon output.  We will be editing into a great, one-hour show that we will release later this year.

Our major goal, though, is to bring this event to as many cities as possible and, ultimately, have Carbon Day celebrated (right now, to our knowledge, it is Chicago and Boston only) in every state.  Then we can help coordinate a moment of carbon reduction that can be synced across America and, ideally, across the world.

Can you help us do this?  Again, this is not a belief/non-belief in global warming.  We'll leave that to others.  Our mantra is simply let's enjoy the many benefits of reducing emissions and cleaning our air.  An international celebration of Carbon Day would be a wonderful start.

Here is the link:

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