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Monday, September 19, 2011

Great e-waste event coming up at Arpin in Oct

We are happy to share news on great events that help the environment and the local economy.  Take a look at this:

"We are happy to announce our newest, biggest event to collect e-waste and approved hazardous waste material, batteries and lots of shredding to protect people identity.  Whether you or someone you know helps sponsor this fun, heavily promoted event, everyone can come that day and bring us electronics, batteries and lots of other materials to properly dispose of and keep out of our landfill, while helping to raise lots of money to keep people warm this winter.

One valuable element of the company-sponsored e-waste event, is that those businesses can bring their e-waste, shredding and approved hazardous waste, no charge, but also get their employees to do the same.  Also, employees and their families, particularly their children who have community service requirements through school, can come work the event that day. 

Companies can display on site that day at Cardi's, which will be our host location for banners, information, refreshments, displays and much more.

Arpin is a major supporter of Artic Mission which is one of the true, grass-roots groups that gets people through difficult transitions and back on their feet.  We are a group that is run by entrepreneurs who give people hand ups, not handouts.  We are on our way to creating our own enterprises that will self-fund most of our growth.

This is truly a business man's non-profit--focused on Corporate social responsibility with economic growth and a transformation of one of the State's most depressed areas--West Warwick.

We have packaged great value into the e-waste fest, and offering that event for free to those annual corporate sponsors.  Again, we deliver tremendous value back to sponsors, with lots of radio, PR, print, posters, on-site visibility, etc, rather than asking for a simple donation.  For companies and estates/trust that like positive PR, this is a great series of events to affiliate with.

We appreciate any help you can give, including promotion and visibility through your contacts, social media and affiliated web sites. Let's get the word out and fill the industrial park that day and raise lots of money for keeping people warm this winter.  And please contact me right away as a corporate sponsor so I can make sure you get proper credit and get a head start on all the activities.  I also want to reserve a spot for you at the Cardi's parking lot if you are planning on setting up a table that day."

Here's more, including contact information.  Also, you can contact them though us to volunteer or sponsor:

The Artic Mission is a non-profit, 501c3
volunteer organization working to
improve the quality of life for the underresourced
and homeless of West
Warwick, RI. The Mission helps clients
overcome addiction, improve general
life skills, and find job and housing
Recently, the Mission has experienced a
tremendous reduction in donations and
grants. With the winter months fast
approaching and Rhode Island’s
unemployment rate hovering at recordsetting
levels, we anticipate the requests
for heating assistance will be at an alltime
To ensure that we can continue to help
those in need, the Mission will be
hosting an e-waste recycling collection
and document shredding fundraising
event on October 22, 2011. The event
will be held at the West Warwick
Industrial Park campus, 99 James P.
Murphy Highway, West Warwick, RI,
from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. All
donations collected will benefit the
Artic Mission’s Heating Assistance Fund.
Currently, we are
seeking corporate
sponsors to help us
promote the event.
With a donation of
$250, your business
will enjoy premium
exposure at this highprofile
❖ Special mention as
a participating
sponsor on radio and TV ads.
❖ Logo placement on T-shirts and the
Artic Mission’s website.
❖ Prominent signage at the event with
optional sponsor display space.
All donations made to the Artic Mission
are tax deductible.
We welcome your consideration of this
request. Should you need additional
information, please contact Charlie
Nault by calling (401) 828-9400 or via
email at cnault@the

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