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Friday, September 16, 2011

Dunkin Donuts' 4-Step Solution to Brewing Energy Efficiency

Coffee lovers rejoice:  One of the big players, very popular in Eastern US, is taking a step towards a sustainable future by reducing its use of energy to brew its coffee.  Interesting, as you read their story, they became very motivated "After observing the success of EDF Climate Corps fellows at other companies, executives at Dunkin' Donuts believed energy efficiency could mean potential savings for their own company as well."

We love this statement as it is our goal to motivate you through sharing other success stories.  Whether you are an individual, non-profit or business, there is, in our view, plenty of room to make a good economic decision that will benefit the environment as well, and you can see and hear that through our many shows.

Here's part of the story: " Freshly brewed cups of coffee are sold to millions of faithful American guests that flock to Dunkin Donuts' doors daily. The company's culinary and operational recipes have proven to be quite successful: already a Northeast staple, Dunkin' Donuts is continuing to extend its presence across the rest of the United States. Excitement at the company runs particularly high nowadays, in response to its recent and successful IPO

...But it gets trickier when you consider that Dunkin' Donuts, as a franchisor, owns virtually none of the Dunkin' Donuts stores. The corporate parent owns only a handful of actual restaurants. Instead, individual franchisees own each of the nearly 6,700 Dunkin' Donuts stores in the U.S. So even if Dunkin' Donuts were to identify very financially attractive energy efficiency investments, these investments would not be undertaken unless franchisees (the actual store owners) became interested enough to implement and pay for the projects on their own.

How can a franchisor convince franchisees that an energy efficiency project is worth the investment? Below are some recommendations from my work to-date regarding franchisee engagement and benchmarking:"

Now, Dunkin Donuts needs to find a non-Styrofoam cup to serve.  They are killing our landfill.  If you can, please switch to a reusable cup so you, too, can stop the flood of cups that cannot be reused or recycled.

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