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Monday, May 20, 2013

From Better World Club

We received this and thought we'd share it with you:

I don't mean to spread rumors, but I heard your friends call you a... tree hugger.

Not the first time, huh? Us neither.

Here at Green America, we celebrate all you do!

And like you, we believe 'living green' is more than a trendy phase - it's a way of life that inspires people to be healthier, do better, and feel connected.

Living in a way that is healthy for people and planet requires mindfulness - and is sometimes a little extra work. That's why Green America would like to treat you to a little TLC!

When you make a $15 tax deductible donation to Green America, we'll send you a FREE 'Cause I Care Package - the resources you need to make green living easy and FUN:

  • Fair Trade chocolate and coffee - thanking you for all you do for people and the planet!
  • Our organic cotton produce bag - carry this bag and proudly declare 'I am a Green American.'
  • 21 things you didn't know you could recycle - and other secrets to going green in our must-have wallet card.
  • The National Green Pages™ - a directory of thousands of green products from socially and environmentally responsible businesses. No greenwashing - guaranteed!
  • Green American magazine - your resource for practical and powerful green ideas. Don't miss our next issue 'Ten Steps to a Healthier Home!'
  • Guide to Socially Responsible Investing - we'll help you make smart financial decisions that are in line with your values.
For more than 25 years, Green America's mission has been helping people like you find products from green businesses that you never even knew existed... learn new ways to reduce your impact on our environment... and boycott corporate criminals who are jeopardizing our world.

So please join more than 150,000 other 'tree hugging,' conscientious individuals who want to create a more just and sustainable world.

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