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Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Orion Project

Thanks to Joy Pettirossi-Poland, MS for sending us information--which we want to share with you--on The Orion Project.

We'll bring you details over the next few days.   We'll start with their overview and mission.  What interest us, of course, is their ability to step out of the box, as did The Venus Project, and look for new, undiscovered, scientific solutions to our current energy and environmental issues:

The Orion Project is an organization created to transform the current energy, environmental and social crisis into a world of sustainability and enlightened abundance.
Technological progress in the areas of advanced physics and electromagnetic systems, if appropriately supported, will enable humanity to live on the Earth with a minimal footprint with genuine long-term sustainability.
For over 100 years, these advanced concepts in energy generation have either been ignored or actively suppressed due to the power of fossil fuel based economic and industrial interests.
Imagine a world where every home and village has its own clean source of electrical energy, free from the cost of fossil fuels, nuclear power or a centralized electric grid.
Imagine every means of transportation running off of clean power plants, using no source of fuel and creating no pollution.
Imagine the developing world blossoming with these new technologies and the equatorial rain forests protected from slash and burn subsistence farming and logging.
Imagine all inter-city transportation above the ground and the millions of acres paved over with highways freed for productive agriculture and recreation.
Imagine all manufacturing being clean-fuel sourced, using no-cost or low-cost energy.
Imagine the possibility of 100% recycling because the energy cost of transporting recycled materials, processing them and scrubbing pollution out of the air and water approaches zero.
This is no mere pipe dream, but a world that is well within our grasp to create and do so in our lifetimes. Imagine... and see that it is a reality.

The Orion Project is dedicated to:
  • Supporting the world's most accomplished engineers, physicists, and inventors who have developed innovative solutions to energy generation.
  • Cleaning up the fossil fuel power sources currently in use.

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