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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Last week's radio show

Is now available 24/7 on WARL 1320 and Blog Talk Radio, Renewable Now channel:


Some information:

Learn how to manage your business better and cut your costs while maximizing your profits .

Join Peter Arpin as he will be visited by Joy Pettirossi -Poland . Joy is currently President and consultant of a company called Building Bridges 2012 LLC. Joy will share with us some of her knowledge in regards to the importance of sustainable business models and developments.

Learn why this is important for you and everyone in your business . Sustainable Business models help you manage your business better and cuts your costs .

Learn more today . Log on to building

Listen to Renewable now both on and on the renewable now channel. Renewable Now  is all about the business side of green .

Remember to be sure to listen to Renewable Now Radio  in it's new time slot 1pm to 2pm Wednesdays both on and on the renewable Now channel .

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