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Monday, June 24, 2013

Great follow up to last week's show

As we welcomed our newest sponsor, WB Mason. Here's a release we ran last week:

Next up is a link to our radio show.

June 20, 2013
For Immediate Release
Michael Catanzaro
W.B. Mason Goes Green with ReNewable Now
Providence, Rhode Island - 6/20/13  
On June 20, 2013 W.B. Mason became one of ReNewable Now's Corporate Sustainable Partners as it continues its path in becoming a greener, more sustainable company, and providing its clients with environmentally smart products. With an impressive history of over a century of providing great products, and professional service that always puts their customers first, W.B. Mason has grown to be one of the preeminent office supply companies in the U.S.
Founded in 1898 by William Betts Mason in Brockton, Massachusetts, where it is still headquartered today, the company continues to grow employing over 2,300 people. With its eye on always improving the customer experience W.B. Mason understands the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR), and the increasing awareness of environmental issues and sustainability among its clients.

W.B. Mason's Marketing Director and Public Outreach Coordinator, Matt Rogers,  had this to say about W.B. Mason's newly formed partnership with ReNewable Now: 
"Green initiatives allow our sales representatives another opportunity to educate and consult our customer base. It is important for us to not only set an example, but to actually participate in helping to educate others. 
Over the past several years the office products channel has "gone green". The cost of purchasing Green items still comes at a small premium to the customer, but is quickly becoming standard. Office supply manufacturers of popular brands such as 3M or Avery have started even manufacturing some of their most popular items with post-consumer content. The Green message is consistent across the industry - seeing that customers are looking for products that have a positive environmental impact. 
W.B. Mason also makes a strong effort to feature products that are manufactured in the United States. We see a tremendous value in both the higher quality of these products as well as the environmental impact of not having to transport these goods across the world. 
Lastly, our "One Source Wonderful" approach to doing business allows a customer to order everything they may need for their office, from coffee to printed goods, and have the delivery made on one truck, from one supplier, rather than multiple. Additionally drivers are encouraged, and rewarded, to pick up empty ink and toner cartridges as part of our own internal recycling efforts."

WB MasonAs a partner to ReNewable Now, W.B. Mason pledges to continue to grow its Green product line, conduct a ReNewable Now E-Waste collection day, and take part in the ReNewable Now lecture series on "Creative Ways Businesses Embrace Green." Theses initiative are part of ReNewable Now's corporate partnership program that allows businesses the opportunity to not only promote their sustainability practices, but also help to educate their clients, and the public, while also keeping hazardous material out of landfills.
ReNewable Now's mission is to educate, promote, and report on the positive growth that results when moving towards a more sustainable future, both economically and socially. We believe that there are tremendous business opportunities when it comes to the green economy, opportunities that will result in creating millions of new jobs, and providing an environmentally responsible manner in which to grow from. 

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