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Monday, June 24, 2013

This week's radio show

Is now available 24/7 on WARL 1320 and Blog Talk Radio.

Here's some background on the show and guests:

The link:

On Renewable Now this week ,we had a very interesting conversation with Bill James ,founder and CEO of JPods .Bill spoke with Peter Arpin and Jack Gregg on what the JPod system is and how physics and engineering can come together to move payloads as small as a pickup truck, farther, faster and more efficiently . We will discover that a model of this system has already been put into place in a place called Morgan’s town West Virginia.

To give us an update on some of the challenges we are facing in implementing a system like that here in nearby Massachusetts, we spoke to Judith Van Hamm of South Shore Mobility. After listening to this very interesting segment, visit both and to learn more about this technology and how you can get your community involved.

Presently there are plans for a system to go into place that will take passengers from New Jersey to New York.

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