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Friday, June 28, 2013

This week's radio show

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Here's a description:  This week on Renewable Now we continued our series on sustainability in personal automobiles, we look into how the new Rhode Island EV charging station initiative--with 50 new stations coming on line-- will benefit our local economy.

Peter Arpin and Jim Murphy of Rhode Island College catch up with John Gilbrook of National Grid and Scott Miller from Charge Point.

John Gilbrook pointed out that the network of charging stations will not greatly impact the overall electric grid. The technology on how these charging stations work was was explained as John pointed out how there would be a means in which these stations would communicate to your vehicle which charging stations are closest to you and available.  How cool is that?

In addition, cars will already have on board indicators that warn you and remind you when its time to recharge and how far the nearest charging facility is.
For more information on charge point and their technology visit their website, also visit

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