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Thursday, July 11, 2013

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Newport, Rhode Island
eNOW - A BIG Plus
Art & The First Lady
Profiles in Excellence: Seth Handy
Green Cuisine
W.B. Mason & ReNewable Now
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Merrill Lynch
WB Mason
Green Teacher
July 9, 2013 
Newport Show 5
Newport Mansions, Museums, & Tourism 
In our fifth episode we profile Newport's trifecta when it comes to smart sustainable business. Rarely do you find a city island that can provide the kind of depth and history as Newport does, and from our knowledge we don't know of any other destination in the world that can claim the historical, architectural, and leisure activities that Newport can. It was our pleasure to be joined by Evan Smith, President of Discover Newport, John Rodman, Director of Museum Experience for the Preservation Society, Rick Nagle, Director of Fort Adams Museum. These three gentlemen provide us with the insight to the richness of what we think is one of Rhode Island's greatest resources and all it's wonders.
Episode 5: Mansions, Museums & Tourism, Smart Sustainable Business
Green Machines

Hong Kong Police
Hong Kong Police Leading The Electric Charge in Asia.
Will electric motorcycles lead the way when it comes to electric transportation? Well, when you see governments and municipalities like Hong Kong's city offices, and police force quickly embracing these electric two wheelers it starts to make sense. Let us bring you up to speed.  

The government has ordered elevden electric motorcycles for the police and the Water Supplies Department to promote wider use of the vehicles, which cut fuel costs by half.

The move follows a year-long trial in which police used electric-powered Brammo motorcycles on the streets of Hong Kong. They have now extended the pilot scheme and added ten more bikes to their fleet.
Spore Insulation
Environmentally Friendly Organic Insulation
Uses Mushroom Spores
Sky-rocketing oil prices, rising demand for reliance on renewable resources, and an increase in environmental consciousness have placed a newfound focus on "green" solutions to global energy issues. Following his May 19 graduation from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, student inventor Eben Bayer hopes to alleviate some of those growing issues - by growing.

A dual major in mechanical engineering and product design and innovation, Bayer has developed an environmentally friendly organic insulation. The patented combination of water, flour, minerals, and mushroom spores could replace conventional foam insulations, which are expensive to produce and harmful to the environment. READ MORE 
Sustainable Law
Seth Handy
Profiles in Excellence Series 
"Credentials of an Environmental Attorney?" 
Not all attorneys are alike, and what you'll come to learn as we get to know Seth Handy is that beyond his passion for our legal system, is that he is a true steward for our environment. In this, our first in a series of discussions with Seth we pose this question to him.

Q: Seth, what are the credentials for an Environmental Attorney?

ReNewable Now's Profiles in Excellence Series showcases those individuals in from around the world who are embracing sustainability, our environment, and who show leadership characteristics. These people will help inspire, and provide the ideas and energy we need to help move us to a better future. If you know of a person who exemplifies these characteristics and would like to see them be profiled, simply fill out the APPLICATION.

Making Your Home More Sustainable
During the summer months we are all looking for those special home improvement "Do-It-Yourself" projects that will not only make our homes more comfortable, but hopefully will cut down on energy costs. If done the right way could increase your homes value, while also getting some tax credits back from Uncle Sam. 

There are a number of different ways to make your home green. Ideas range from energy efficiency to eco-friendly household products. Your home can exist harmoniously with the environment while being a healthy and safe place for you and your family.  Read More 
US signals new clean technology race with China
Climate change was all but ignored by US President Barack Obama and his rival Mitt Romney during the presidential campaign. Environmentalists were heartened, if not thrilled, when Obama declared at his inauguration a call to action on climate change and clean technology: "We must lead it. We cannot cede to other nations the technology that will power new jobs and new industries."
But where does the US currently stand in clean energy compared to the unspoken competitor in Obama's speech -- China? What more can the US do to lead in renewables? Read More 
Our mission is to educate, promote, and report on the positive growth that results when moving towards a more sustainable future, both economically, and socially. We believe that there are tremendous business opportunities when it comes to the green economy, opportunities that will result in creating millions of new jobs, and providing an environmentally responsible manner in which to grow from.
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