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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Arsenal awarded prestigious Gold Award for their incredible green initiatives at Emirates Stadium

One of our specials on the TV side next year will be around sports and sustainability.  Last year we talked to the sustainability director at the NFL, and followed up this year with reports on Formula E, sports writers covering green changes in sports and many other segments that looked closely at this segment of our society getting in the lead on transformation.

Here's a shinning example of a team and stadium making the right changes.  Of course we have no doubt owners enjoyed great returns on these improvements.  The proverbial win-win-win and, in sports, everyone loves to win.

Arsenal pick up their first silverware of the season as Mayor hands over prestigious Gold Award

Arsenal have picked up their piece of silverware of the season as the Mayor of London awarded the club with the ‘Gold Award’ in appreciation of their green credentials in the Business Energy Challenge 2015.

The Gunners moved home from the historic Highbury stadium to the very modern, very high-tech and very green Emirates stadium in 2006 and their hard work in recycling and efforts to save energy has been rewarded by beating 10 other businesses to the award.
It is believed that the club have recycled around 10 tonnes of cardboard and plastic every month, while every matchday sees around 1.5 tonnes of glass salvaged
On top of their recycling efforts, the Emirates stadium have been commended for switching floodlights form the original halogen lights to the far more efficient LED lighting – a move that has cut energy consumption by 30 per cent.

The Gunners received the gold award for having the best ‘energy intensity ratings’ and it’s a victory that has delighted Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London:
‘In a few weeks I will be travelling to the UN climate conference in Paris and I am very proud that I will go with such great stories to tell about what our businesses are doing to play their part.’

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