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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Green Town Labs/For Today's Show

IF you don't know this world-leading incubator, then you must tune in today to the Renewable Now network (you can listen right off of this blog) as we interview two of their key team members and a very successful company that came through their system.

Today, we believe, is a great time to be an entrepreneur and founder.  Thanks to accelerators like Green Town, and ready investors, companies are being born and hitting the market at an historic rate.  So many of these start ups bring new expertise to business sustainability, and bring the world a whole new array of products that speed their mandate to go green.

Here's some information on this incredibly successful group.  Great timing to be talking to them this month as the announce an 11 million-dollar expansion.  That is a whole lot of new co's coming down the pike out of Boston, one of the world's great cities.

Greentown Labs, a Somerville-based clean tech incubator that has seen tremendous growth since it was founded in May 2011, announced Thursday an $11 million expansion project in Somerville.

Imagine a community of bold, passionate entrepreneurs creating game-changing energy technologies that transform the way we live, work, and play.

Welcome to Greentown Lab

Our Challenge

We face a growing global population and the resources required to meet expanding demand is today's most pressing challenge. New ways of producing and consuming energy are necessary to address this problem while minimizing further damage to our environment. We believe entrepreneurs are capable of innovating and inventing solutions to address this challenge with access to the right tools, resources, network and support. The relentless human energy of a few scientists, engineers, and business people can make a big difference. Why do we believe all of this? Because we see it every day.

We enable entrepreneurs to solve big energy problems. Our mission is to enable a vibrant community of entrepreneurs to work on their visions and to provide access to the space, resources, and funding that allows their early-stage companies to thrive. In our new location, in Somerville, MA, just 3.5 miles from downtown Boston, we offer 33,000 sq. ft. of prototyping lab and co-located office space, a shared machine shop and electronics shop, immersion in a growing community of energy and clean technology entrepreneurs, and on-site events and programs designed to enable start-ups to rapidly grow their networks and their companies.


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