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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Global Electric Boats and Ships a $20 Billion Market -

Great follow up to our recent interview with a start-up company who has brought solar powered charging units to the marine world and coastal home living.  Huge advancements for the marine world.  And a sea change of less pollution for our rivers, lakes and oceans.

On the economic front, this sea change offers tremendous growth in jobs and income as well.

A report by Research and Markets finds that the market for hybrid and pure electric boats and ships will rise rapidly to over $20 billion worldwide in 2027 for non-military versions. Recreational boats is the largest and fastest growing electric marine market in sales number, followed by underwater leisure and autonomous underwater vehicles.
On-water commercial marine category is currently the largest marine EV value market. Leisure craft on inland waterways, notably in the USA and Europe, will become the largest sector as more places from Germany to India ban internal combustion engines or, as with SunMoon Lake in Taiwan, the operators unanimously agree to go clean and quiet.
The decade will end with huge environmental pressures making owners of industrial and commercial seagoing craft clean up more rapidly. Long life of a ship will no longer be an excuse. One large ship can emit the global warming carbon dioxide of 70,000 cars, the acidic nitrogen oxides of two million cars and the carcinogenic particulates of 2.5 million cars. Volkswagen dieselgate is not the only scandal...!

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