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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Rise of The Phoenix, the Hydrogen to All-Electric Roadster /RNN

We wonder if one of our host, Mrs. Green of Mrs. Green's World, who lives in nearby Tucson, spent her nights and weekends in Phoenix creating the all-electric roadster?  If not we know she's a car lover--she will soon be driving one.

For a lot of reasons we like this story.  Hydrogen can play a role as a clean alternative fuel in cars and commercial vehicles.  Raising money publicly is a great alternative today. We love start ups and new tech.  And here is a nice merger of hybrid engineering as you combine a basic EV with a hydrogen back up with a range of 600 miles.

As always we will continue to track this story and will get the players on the radio side.

RMG / RONN Motor Group), the automotive company behind the eco-friendly Scorpion, featuring one of the most advanced real-time hydrogen fuel enhancement systems to date, announced a Regulation A+ Mini-IPO that gives anyone the opportunity to invest in its company. RONN Motor Group plans to evolve the Scorpion into an all-electric roadster called the Phoenix through its equity crowdfunding effort.

 The Phoenix, equipped with a hydrogen range extender intended for a total estimated range of 600 miles, will serve as the platform for RMG’s eco-daily drivers (EDDs), the next generation of affordable and environmentally friendly vehicles, as well as minibuses and commercial trucks. RONN Motor Group, having caught the attention of car enthusiasts around the world with its innovative, style-driven designs and technological breakthroughs, is setting the automotive industry on a new path and inviting everyday investors to participate....

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