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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Whirlpool Corporation Announces Plans for Wind Turbines/RNN

Renewable Now has been reporting on the business side of green for nearly 4 years.  During that time we've seen incredible growth around the green economy and its related technology.

We believe, and we see it again here with Whirlpool's commitment to renewables, that co's are driving much of our transformation to clean energy and social-impact changes.  Those companies not in line are starting to become the lepers.  And they will quickly become dinosaurs.  


    Whirlpool Corporation announced plans for three wind turbines to power its manufacturing facility in Greenville, Ohio and further build on the company’s 46-year commitment to sustainable manufacturing. Beginning construction in early 2018, the turbines will be the same as those developed for Whirlpool Corporation’s manufacturing facilities in Findlay, Marion, and Ottawa, Ohio, and will be developed in coordination with One Energy Enterprises.
The three Greenville turbines will generate more than 12 million kWh annually and offset approximately 70 percent of the plant’s electricity consumption – eliminating the equivalent of more than nine thousand annual tons of CO2. This is equivalent to generating enough clean energy to power more than 900 average American homes.
“By investing in on-site wind energy, we’re ensuring that Whirlpool Corporation is set up for success now and in the future, while also expanding the commitment to sustainability that is vital to our company,” said Ron Voglewede, Whirlpool Corporation Global Sustainability Director. “We are proud that this will be our fourth of five plants in Ohio to utilize sustainable energy, and we are committed to continuing to grow initiatives and projects like these that help reduce our overall energy footprint.”

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