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Friday, January 12, 2018

EnerBlu Relocating and Investing Over $400 Million in Kentucky/RNN

Good news for KY and for overall job creation.

EnerBlu, Inc., a high-power energy-storage solution company focusing on electric transportation, PV hybrid microgrid, power grid and genset hybridization, announced that it is relocating to Kentucky upon acceptance of a multi-million dollar, multi-year incentive package from the State of Kentucky. The company plans on investing over $400 million in Kentuckycreating new jobs, and will have locations in both Lexington and Pikeville, cities located in a region historically known as the Energy Capital of the United States.

“We are excited that EnerBlu has chosen Kentucky as home for its headquarters, research and development facility, and for the first Lithium Titanate battery facility in the United States,” Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky said. “EnerBlu will help power our nation’s transportation and defense industries, while providing job opportunities that will harness the highly skilled workforce of Eastern Kentucky. We are grateful to EnerBlu for locating this incredible project in our state, and congratulate the communities of Pikeville and Lexington for the opportunities this new corporate partnership will create. This project will have a positive impact on Eastern Kentucky and the commonwealth as a whole for many years to come.”
  • State to provide multi-million dollar incentive package for relocation and other costs, EnerBlu plans to invest over $400 million in the region
  • Energy Innovation Park in Pikeville, KY (on site of former Marion Branch coal mine) to feature lithium battery gigafactory, including manufacturing final products and employ up to 875 workers, including engineers, chemists with BS or advanced degrees
  • Corporate headquarters, including R&D, step-up line, and labs, to be located in Lexington, KY and create an additional 110 STEM jobs
  • The company will partner with University of PikevilleUniversity of Kentucky, and other colleges and universities for research, materials science, and to encourage new technology development through incubation
  • EnerBlu will service a global market from Kentucky that includes government, commercial and military customers with interest secured in the North AmericaSouth East Asia, MENA and India....

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