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Thursday, January 4, 2018

RI Launches New Statewide Solar Permitting Process/NPR

This is important news for RI and the rest of the nation looking to design and install good government policy around expediting the installation of renewables.  A statewide, blended process helps investors, developers and installers.  Good news and a big step forward in bringing projects to this state.

State regulators have made it easier for solar companies to do business in the Ocean State with a new statewide permit application for solar projects. 

The application, which went into effect Monday, replaces a process that varied from city to city. 
Chris Kearns, chief of program development at the Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources, said a statewide application should help streamline the process for installing solar panels.
"Solar projects will potentially get built at a quicker pace because the permitting process has been clarified, so there is no longer any discrepancies or disputes from one local municipality to another," Kearns said. 
Kearns added a statewide permit could benefit Rhode Island’s economy.   
"Having a consistent application form where you’re not having to learn a new process with each local municipality is a big selling point for companies in terms of entering the Rhode Island market," Kearns said. 
The statewide solar permit application is a requirement for all residential and commercial projects, regardless of scale.
To date, 3,405 solar projects representing 50.03 megawatts of capacity have come online in Rhode Island. 

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