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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

For Today's Show/EDF Climate Corps

Today at 1p, live, we welcome EDF's manager, Ellen Shenette.  Tune in.

EDF Climate Corps

Accelerate and accomplish your energy goals

Whatever type of clean energy project you’re interested in, EDF Climate Corps provides customized solutions across today’s leading-edge categories.

What is EDF Climate Corps?

EDF Climate Corps is a network of professionals united to advance climate solutions. The fellowship program brings together an arsenal of top talent, resources and expertise in a variety of subject matters and industries to help organizations meet their sustainability and energy goals.
Since 2008, over 400 organizations have enlisted EDF Climate Corps fellows to design customized solutions to challenges involving energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy management strategy and much more. The result: more than $1.5 billion in energy saving projects identified.
  • Fellows are the next generation of business and sustainability leaders. Hosting a fellow is a low-cost and low-risk way to save money while growing your clean energy program.
  • Based on your needs, we pair you with a bright, enthusiastic fellow, with the right experience, training and passion to design customized solutions across a wide array of projects.
  • The fellow provides hands-on help to solve your energy needs and navigate the complex and ever-changing world of sustainability and energy management.
  • Beyond financial returns, you’ll benefit from our 45 years of sustainability expertise and gain access to hundreds of top executives and elite graduate students in the powerful EDF Climate Corps network.

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