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Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Oscars Are Celebrating Sustainability In Style/RNN

Always good when life imitates life.  We hope the Oscars stylish celebration of sustainability inspires many to do the same in their every day lives:


As awards season has reached a brilliant culmination, the 2018 Oscars were dazzling and inspiring, reiterating the power of a dream and the magic of never giving up.  While the nominees showcased a variety of topics, from a sea creature romance to a racially charged horror, a common theme that has resurged in and around the ceremony is the dedication to sustainability exhibited by its many partakers.
There are countless Oscar events all over Los Angeles, but four of them in particular stand out.  Swarovski’s pre-Oscar party, the Motion Picture & Television Fund’s annual “The Night Before” Oscars party, and Vanity Fair’s iconic two post-Oscar parties.  These events all partnered with Repeat Roses, a company created by Jennifer Grove, former owner of a high end wedding and event company, who decided that the millions of flowers going to waste as a result of the excessive amounts used for extravagant events, was not something she wanted her company to encourage.  Instead of sending millions of flowers off into landfills, where they actually cause a higher percentage of greenhouse gas emission, Garner founded Repeat Roses to alleviate the waste. After the large, luxurious events take place, the leftover beautiful flowers are repurposed and donated to entities such as the East Los Angeles Women’s Center.
On the red carpet side of things, stars Zoey Deutch and Lakeith Stanfield stunned in their eco-friendly attire.  Deutch, representing Red Carpet Green Dress, an organization that promotes wearing eco-friendly attire to such events, wore Elie Saab.  Stanfield also partnered with the organization, wearing Ermenegildo Zegna, an Italian brand which recently was awarded for its eco-stewardship at the Green Carpet Awards.  

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