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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Google's 70 charging stations for employees

Some companies are born to lead.  Google seems to be one such company.

Being in CA helps, of course, as EV's are sold there as one of the early states to get electric cars.  However, Google has made it very easy for their employee's 100 EV's to plug in and charge at work.

We have always felt that a big part of the success of the transformation to EV's will depend on buy in from companies. Not only would they make charging stations viisble, readily available and extremely useable, but they would make consumers very comfortable, very quickly with charging their cars.

Here's the link to the story:

Here's part of the story: 

"Google, Inc. has deployed more than 70 Coulomb Technologies charging stations at its worldwide headquarters in Mountain View, CA. Over 100 employees who own electric cars use the charging stations. The stations (EVSE) are also used by the company’s growing car sharing program for Googlers (GFleet), which includes Chevrolet Volts, Nissan LEAFs and Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrids.

Many employees bought their own electric cars after using LEAFs and Volts in the GFleet. Employees who use transit get GFleet priority.

With plans for 250 more charging stations on its campus, and a goal to make 5 percent of its campus parking EV-ready, Google’s installation is the largest workplace charging installation for electric vehicles in the country. Much of the charging is done with renewable energy, including Google’s solar covered parking. No coal power is used in charging vehicles. Google has invested over one billion dollars in renewable energy, accelerating development of 1.7 GW of RE."

Electric cars will soon be shipped and sold to many states.  Now is the time for companies to evaluate switching their fleets to EV's (reduced energy costs, carbon credits, statement to employees and customers), and installing charging facilities.  Arpin Renewable Energy company can help with this.  Contact us.

Keep in mind as the grids get smarter, we will be selling back excess KW's from those cars to the grid at a profit.  How sweet would it be to look out and see a parking lot full of EV's plugged in making your company money while helping reduce our use of fossil fuel, 70% imported, and provide clean energy back to our community.

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