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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thanks to Oyster Works and Charlestown Package Store

As the show featuring the construction of Charlestown 's Package Store amazing new facility, featuring geothermal heating and cooling, along with lots of other smart, efficient construction and technology, goes to on-demand on our site, we want to thank them for heavily promoting their appearance on Renewable Now.  Here's their latest marketing piece that we wanted to share with you.  Please make sure you watch the show, which you can do right now off this blog, too:

Oyster Works' Sensibly Green Project Featured on Renewable Now WebCast

Oyster Works principal, Andrew Baer, and Charlestown Wine and Spirits' owner, Jon Maldon, were featured on a recent broadcast of Renewable Now.                                                                                                                                                        
Renewable Now is a production of Arpin Broadcast Network that looks at the business side of green. In this episode, Peter Arpin asks Jon and Andrew specific questions about the decision to go green and the design and construction of Charlestown Wine and Spirits.   

                                               Click the link to watch.                                                    

Oyster Works has been recently featured in the Providence Business News, the Providence Journal, the Westerly Sun and on NBC News Channel 10.

                    Click the links to read and watch the stories. 

                    Renewable Now -   CWS Using Renewable Energy
                    NBC News Channel 10 - Going Green: Package Store
                    Providence Business News - OW Hires Damara Sisti
                    Providence Business News - Moynihan to AIA Board
                    Providence Business News - Married Co-owners
                    Providence Journal -Geothermal in Charlestown
                    Westerly Sun - Destination Package Store

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