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Friday, July 8, 2011

Very Important Annoucement

 We are so proud to be part of this amazing effort to support and promote the world's transformation to electric vehicles.  This from:  The Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation, and BlueGreen Alliance

Release of EV Sign-on Statement Showing Broad Nationwide Support‏

It's with great pleasure that I share this EV sign-on statement.  Today more than 180 local and national companies and organizations joined together to show their support for plug-in electric vehicle (EV) policies and infrastructure –demonstrating the groundswell of support in all regions of the country for EV innovation and the types of policies needed to make it successful.  We're calling for strong programs on the national, state, and local levels to put more plug-in electric vehicles on the road and create more American jobs, less pollution, and greater energy security -all on the road to freedom from oil.
The Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation, and BlueGreen Alliance are releasing the statement today (as will many of the other signers as an opportunity to taut their own EV efforts) to the media, policymakers, and allied groups.  See news release below or here.   We're grateful to the many companies and groups that have signed it (and to above named groups as well as Pew Environment Group for reaching out to potential signers), and we know that many will use it as a tool to demonstrate that there is widespread support for what's needed to advance EVs.

Also, you can see my blog article about this statement, "freedom from oil," (and a bit on my recent trip to Yellowstone) here:  

This is an important moment, an important, wonderful milestone.  We will follow up with a show on this.  Are you part of the EV movement?  We'd love to have you.

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