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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thank you to Al Cerrone and GM for letting us test drive the Volt

Interesting day yesterday.  We did our first live, call-in show (and thank you to those of you who contacted us during the show), and Al Cerrone called in and offered to let us take a Chevy Volt for three days to test drive and report back to our readers and viewers.  Thank you so much, Al and GM, for this opportunity.

Funny that Sierra Club just reported on their test drive as well.  In a word, if you ask us about the Volt: GREAT.

It is easy to use, charge (I plugged it in last night, into my normal outside outlet, running at 120, and it was charged this morning), very comfortable, great creature comforts, including free satellite radio and free On Star, fantastic information systems on the mile range of both electric and gas, and flawless in switching back and forth.

So wonderful to drive and see an average mpg of 77-78 mpg.  No worries about range, recharging or refueling since you can easily do both...quiet, clean, high-tech, well built and faster, more responsive, more fun than many of the comparable small-medium cars.  Take a test drive and your anxiety about switching to an electric vehicle will melt away.  In fact, you will hate to give it up and get back into your noisy, dirty and run-of-the mill gas-powered car.

Congratulations to GM, and their dealers, for driving us into a clean, brighter more profitable future.  We love it.  Let's make sure GM, Nissan, all of them sell lots of electric cars and sees a great ROI on their investments.

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