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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We are live today from 12-1p EST on WARL 1320 AM

Today, we do our first live, call-in radio show, and look forward to having you call in , tweet us or email us directly or off of Facebook.  Go to: and click on the banner ad for the show which will bring you to a video that will profile the new radio show.  You can reach us right through EcoRInews or through the radio station at: or call us at:  (401)273-1555, -(401) 273-6734 & (508)967-6817.

You can listen over the air on WARL 1320 AM, or listen on the stations stream at:

The show will run live every Weds, same time, and from 1-2p the station will be carrying the audio from the TV shows that you can see on the Arpin Broadcast Network ( or on News Channel 5 in RI.

We look forward to expanding our radio and TV outlets, and hope to be broadcasting from some of the national internet TV sites soon as well.

Please call, write and tweet us.  We expect it to be a great first show.

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