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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

United Launching Biofuel Flight Today, with Alaska on Its Heels

Congratulations to United and Alaska Air for starting to fly on a mix of bio-fuels.  Such a transformation, across the aviation industry, including regional and private fleets, would help clean our skys and make it easier for us to offset our travel carbon footprint.

Even better, the mix is a use of algae-based bio-fuel, which puts less pressure on the food supply, not using corn, and helps grow a new product that has amazing uses and potential.  The perfect win-win, we think, between helping the global economy and protecting the envirnonment. 

Take a look and let the airlines know you endorse and support this transition to bio-fuels:

Part of the story:  " United Airlines and Alaska Airlines are both launching commercial flights powered by biofuel this week.

United, the world’s largest airline, will use algae-based biofuel for a Boeing 737-800 flying today from Houston to Chicago, Reuters reports. The fuel blend from Solazyme uses 60 percent traditional jet fuel and 40 percent biofuel.Meanwhile Alaska Airlines says it will power 75 commercial passenger flights by a 20 percent biofuel blend, made from used cooking oil, starting this Wednesday. It will use the blend on flights originating in Seattle, going to Portland, Ore., and Washington, D.C..."

It is worth reading the rest of the story, and we'd love your feedback, particularly if you are in the industry, as we move towards a show profiling this and other aviation eco changes that can help fly us towards a brighter future.

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