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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

EarthSky on WARL 1320 AM

EarthSky is a great site is a great site, titled the "Clear Voice for Science", and they also have some fantastic radio updates, mostly five minutes in length, which you can hear on WARL 1320 AM, one of our media partners, and the home of our new, live-call in show that will debut next Weds, 12-1p, EST.

Here's a recent piece from them on the expanded use of satellites to monitor our earth's environmental and climate changes, how to best manage those changes, and how to better use our resources, while still allowing economic growth, as we race towards a world population of 9b.

Here's the link:

The story:

"Satellites let scientists collect data from places and perspectives that were previously impossible, and give scientists an accurate and detailed picture of what’s happening across our whole planet. The Aqua and Terra satellite missions – both part of NASA’s Earth Observing System – gather data about Earth to help unravel the mysteries of climate and environmental change."

This is a great use of technology as we find news ways of accurately measuring our ecological impact, and find better ways to balance man's use of the planet, and its resources, with sustaining a global future of sustainable economic growth.


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