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Friday, December 16, 2011

Good news from Ford

This in from Environmental Leader:

Ford Focus Electric to Boast 100 Mpg Equivalency

"Ford says that its Ford Focus Electric is to be the first five-passenger electric vehicle to achieve a 100 mpg equivalent rating. The automaker announced this week that production of the car is to begin at a Michigan assembly plant.

The Focus Electric (pictured) should also be able to fully recharge in three-to-four hours – half the time of Nissan Leaf, according to Ford. This technology can help double the car’s range during a busy day of driving and recharging multiple times, Ford says. Ford announced a solar powered home charging option for the car in August.

The company began taking orders for the 2012 Focus Electric in November through dealers in the California and New York/New Jersey markets. Deliveries to other U.S. markets are expected later in the year as production ramps up."

How cool that they are introducing a solar powered home charging option for the car. What a perfect combination: Clean renewable energy powering clean-burning cars. Now if we can get the public recharging units to work off of renewable energy sources....

Have a good weekend. We will be back with a story Sat or Sunday.

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