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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

UK’s discarded Christmas paper and cards could fuel 20 moon trips

As we look to clean up from Christmas, and start fresh on 2012, here's a great story from Earth/ that will help us recycle this year and go electronic with our cards and letters next year:

The link:

Part of the story: "Don’t stop recycling just yet, but if the technology were more developed, your Christmas waste could become biofuel to power motor vehicles.
Scientists at Imperial College London have figured out that if all the UK’s discarded Christmas wrapping paper and cards were collected and fermented, they could make enough biofuel to run a double-decker bus the distance to the moon and back more than 20 times.

These scientists say this demonstrates that industrial quantities of waste paper could be turned into high grade biofuel, to power motor vehicles, by fermenting the paper using microorganisms..."

Clearly, the environmental impact is equally significant worldwide. Time to change.

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