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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jay Leno Has Logged 11,000 Gas-Free Miles in His Chevy Volt Written by Megan Treacy on 22/11/11

How cool is this story: Jay Leno, car lover, has logged 11,000 miles on his Volt with no refill on gas. 11,000 emission-free miles. Thank you to EcoGeek for sending this story to us.

"We've heard a lot about sales numbers and predictions since the Chevy Volt's release, but we haven't heard as many real-world driving stories. What kind of range are people getting? Are they enjoying the car?

Jay Leno, probably the most famous Volt driver so far, has raved about his experience with the vehicle and reported that he's racked up 11,000 miles in the car without ever having to fill up the gas tank.

Leno drives his Volt from his home to the studio and back every day -- a 35-mile trip each way. With the Volt's battery range of 40 miles, he's able to make the drive to work, plug in to recharge and then drive home again at the end of the day all without using any gas. In fact, the half tank of gas that was in the vehicle when it was delivered to him is still there, untouched.

The big idea behind the range-extended vehicle was just this scenario: people could make their regular commutes on battery power only, but have the option of filling up on gas for longer trips where EV chargers weren't as easily accessible. Jay Leno has basically just proven that the idea totally works."

Good news on all fronts as we look to transform our transportation system to a sustainable model. Take a look at the video on this blog to see the Volt in action and listen to the positive feedback from our test group.

We realize there are still issues and challenges to overcome, including the recent electrical fire that ignited on a Volt weeks after an accident. However, no car is full proof or risk free, and to think the electrics would be any different is unrealistic. The world is hard at work to recognize those risk, and learn how to deal with them.

As our show goes on tour next year, we will have electrics on display so people can get a first-hand look at the new generation of cars. The cars that will allow us to stop the dangerous flow of imported oil into the US and many other crowded countries sitting vulnerable to the disruption of that steady flow of expensive crude.

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