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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Update on our show and newsletter

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One of our stories this week.  Find the rest at:

We'll have more news on Formula E over the next few weeks, and look forward to talking to them on the radio side as well.

Beijing, China Welcomes Formula E

"Formula E has been on an impressive tour as of late while at the same time releasing major news stories on a weekly basis. Whether it is naming a new Formula E Race Team, a new host city, or major international sponsor, it seems the momentum is building up nicely.  As we continue to follow Formula E, we wanted to focus a bit on China and their involvement in the sport in our special sustainability series. It's obvious the Chinese are excited and are ready to compete, and when you look at their effort to be a world player in EV manufacturing, what better way to prove their skills than in Formula E.  
Vice Mayor Ms Cheng Hong in June officially welcomed the FIA Formula E Championship to Beijing as one of 10 global cities to host the new fully-electric racing series, beginning in 2014..."

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